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What kind of French Macaroon do I want?  

This is a topic I have been thinking about for some time.  I came across a store that specializes in French Macaroons, or macarons for those of you Americans reading this, that has a wide variety and takes requests as far as what flavor the customer would like.

Right away I started imagining my favorite tastes of all time.  How about a snickers French Macaroon?  Can they make a French Macaroon that combines two or three flavors?  How about a chocolate/vanilla swirl with buttercream filling?

I am pretty hesitant to order a huge order of French Macaroons of flavors that I have never tasted, as I am relatively new to the market.  There is often polls that allow for consumers to vote on their favorite flavors.  What flavors are your favorite?

Send the Macaron Store an email, and maybe we can see our favorites for sale in mass quantities soon!